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  • Advocating green living against extravagance and waste
  • Tongchuang Civilization and Health County, build a happy and livable Wuhua
  • Creating a new situation in Guangdong’s work, the most fundamental thing is to rely on reform and opening up
  • Be a civilized citizen, build a civilized family, create a civilized city
  • Strengthen to build a new pattern of "one core, two districts, three groups" and strive to build "industrial new city, livable Wuhua"

The masses handle 100 things to stop the action--the fourth season

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  • The masses handle 100 things to stop the action--the fourth season
  • The county people"s congress standing committee inspects the county public security work
  • Lai Qin to Anliu Town Inspection and Supervision Work
  • Learning Civilization and Tree New Wind Public Service Advertising Exhibition
  • Caring for the Mind of Minors
  • Civilization in action
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